Hydraulic Gate Hoist

Pentaflo design and manufacture hydraulic hoists for fixed wheel roller vertical gates for the main canal and for the Penstock inlet gates located in the forebay.

The hydraulic hoist comprise of a precision designed hydraulic cylinder and an oil pumping unit. The cylinder road is either attached to the gate directly or in case of canal system to the counter weight which in turn is fastened to the gate through steel wire rope.

Main Canal Gates

In case of main canal gates which is a bypass to the power plant channel and is required to open automatically in the event of plant shut down condition, the counter weight is released to fall by the hydraulic cylinder thereby opening the gates.

Penstock Gates

In the event of penstock gates which are self closing types, the cylinder rod is attached to gate and is kept in the lifted position in the normal condition. In case of emergency the oil in the cylinder is released allowing the gate to close due to self weight.