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The Kaplan Turbine was an evolution of Francis turbine. These are used specifically for lower heads and higher water flows.
Kalpan Turbine : Click to Enlarge
Kalpan Turbine : Click to Enlarge
Production Range
Head (m) : 1.8 - 20m
Turbine Output (kW) : 200kW - 3MW
NOTE : Data in the table are informative and can differ depending on actual project characteristics.
Simple and cost efficient designs. Depending on site conditions these can be either of the following :
Fixed runner blade and adjustable guide vanes.
Runner blade adjustable and fixed guide vanes (Semi-Kaplan).
Both runner blade and guide vanes adjustable (Full- Kaplan).
Runner blade operating mechanism comprising of oil servomotor is located outside (above the gear box). Hence can be attended without requiring dismantling.
For Ultra low head from 1.8 - 4m the turbine intake is by siphon arrangement.
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